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51. Stencil Kingdom: Indian Stencils
Indian... ...filigree border gold motif blue lace border pattern border traditional...
Record Last Updated Feb 21, 2011
52. Royal Design Studio: Turkish
... ...empire turkey mediterranean persian lace turkish flower arabesque kashmir...
Record Last Updated Mar 23, 2012
53. Royal Design Studio: Floral
... ...allover pheobe tulip skylar lace floral flourish allover swedish...
Record Last Updated Mar 23, 2012
54. Royal Design Studio: Japanese
... ...ferns wall delicate bamboo japanese lace ferns scallops allover wicker...
Record Last Updated Mar 23, 2012
55. Royal Design Studio: Classic 2
... ...panel parisian urn renaissance lace border parisian urn panel theorem...
Record Last Updated Mar 23, 2012
56. Royal Design Studio: Borders
... ...border elegancia border european lace border flourish border herculaneum...
Record Last Updated Mar 23, 2012
57. Royal Design Studio: Ceiling 1
... ...avignon ceiling corner european lace corner border ceiling medallion...
Record Last Updated Mar 23, 2012
58. Royal Design Studio: Furniture
... ...florentine grille border lovely lace furniture parisian urn classic...
Record Last Updated Mar 23, 2012
59. Royal Design Studio: Moroccan
... ...inlay hexagons border moroccan lace moroccan arches allover furniture...
Record Last Updated Mar 23, 2012
60. Designer Stencils: Spot Stencils For Dimensional Techniques
... ...3473e fleur de lis border 3666e lace icons 3664e damask icon 3665e...
Record Last Updated Sep 23, 2014

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