Stenciled Suitcases

Personalize your Luggage with Stencils

Stenciled Luggage

Customize your luggage with paint and stencils and you’ll never need to worry about airport baggage mix-ups again!

Stenciled suitcases also make great gifts for kids. They’ll love taking these one-of-a-kind bags on sleepovers and trips to Grandma’s. Think about the child’s interests when selecting a painting theme for a kid’s bag. If you need some ideas, try the Themes for Kids’ Rooms section of our Stencil Directory.

Stencils pictured available from Nature’s Vignettes

Some tips to get you started

  • The fronts of the bags shown easily laid flat once unzipped. If yours won’t do the same, you’ll need to find a way to stuff your suitcase and get a good flat surface underneath the area you want to paint.
  • When painting on a dark background, use white paint or gesso as a base for all of your overlays. Be careful to offload well so your paint doesn’t seep under your stencil. If you do see a bit of a white halo after you’re finished, try touching it up with a Sharpie (permanent marker).

How-To Links

Visit the links below for more ideas and instructions on creating stenciled suitcases.