Stenciling with Lace & Doilies 6: Odds and Ends


I have just a few last lace and doily stenciling finds to share with you today.

Under the Sycamore: Doily Stenciled Canvas BagCanvas Bag
I love this canvas bag from Ashley Ann Photography’s Under the Sycamore blog. She uses a paper lace doily as a stencil, then adds a hand-painted monogram. If your hand isn’t as steady as hers, you could use a stencil for the monogram as well.

Martha Stewart: Doily Stenciled Notebooks

Doily Stenciled Notebooks
In this video, Martha Stewart and her guest use doilies to decorate the covers of plain notebooks. You can also view the online tutorial here.

Lace Cabinet Door - Mark Montano

Lace Cabinet Doors
Mark Montano remakes this cabinet door by stenciling it with lace and spray paint, then adds a spoon for a unique cabinet knob. Visit his blog for more great ideas.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series of posts on stenciling with lace and doilies. While I was researching it, I also found some lovely examples of lace and doily stencils, so I’ve tucked them away for a future follow-up!


  1. mickie says

    The dollar store decor ideas are fabulous! I thought I was good at finding inexpensive ways to decorate, but this blows me away! Thanks for sharing these great ideas!